Pillsbury Gymnastics Academy’s program builds strength, skill and character through gymnastics training while promoting healthy, active, happy children.

Our goal is to build healthy bodies and minds in a safe, structured, fun, and educational environment. Each class is designed to meet the developmental needs of our students in all age ranges and skill levels.

We strive to build self-confidence by utilizing a fun, challenging, teaching program.

Pillsbury Gymnastics Academy offers both Recreational and Competitive Gymnastics programs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What should my child wear to a gymnastics class?

A: Girls should wear a leotard or other tight fighting clothing. Boys should wear T-shirt and shorts. No socks. No jewelry. Absolutely no Gum! Long hair must be pulled back prior to class.

Q: How do I pay for register and pay for classes?

A: Payment is made at the time of registration and required in order for registration to be complete. You can register your gymnast during the last class of the previous session, you can call us to register, or you can stop in during our registration times. (On-line registration is being built)

Q: Can I switch class times in the middle of a session?

A: If there is room in another class you may switch, please contact our staff to help you with this.)

Q: Are parents allowed to help during their child’s class ?

A: No, simply due to safety reasons. We will make every effort to have an open, friendly environment. Our coaches are available before and after classes to address any questions or concerns you may have. If you would like to become a coach, we are always on the look out for more coaches to train. Please talk to Chris or Kelly.

Q: Do you offer private lessons??

A: Yes, our instructors can do private lessons. Please talk directly with the instructor you would like to do the lesson with.

Q: My son/daughter is just a beginner and now is a 4th grader can they still participate in gymnastics?

A: Yes. We want all children to be able to try and participate in gymnastics. Our coaches are trained to differentiate during their classes and they will work at whatever level the child is at. This is what makes us great… they do not have to be with younger kids and feel that they are not as good as everyone else their age.

Q: How does my child make the training team/competition team?

A: Our coaching staff is always looking for students that stand out. Coaches will recommend students to the team staff, and they will observe and make the final decisions on which students would fit best with this program. Invitations usually occur once a year in May or June.

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